Growing Oranges

Growing Oranges At Home

Miniature Orange TreeGrowing oranges in your own home is a fun and inexpensive way to generate an interest for yourself, your children or your grandchildren in the care and cultivation of plants, either for ornamental purposes for your home or for growing your own produce. An orange tree can be grown from the pips of an orange as long as you don't let the pips dry out before you use them. If they have dried out, then you'll need to germinate them.

You can also buy orange seeds from various seeds nurseries in the UK or from other countries quite cheaply. Ready grown miniature orange trees can also be bought for a comparatively small outlay, with established trees costing from £9.99 to £30.00 including delivery to your home.

The dark green colour of the leaves helps to highlight and even magnify the bright citrus orange colour of the fruit. The most commonly available variety is the Calamondin which produces fruit all year round that has a sharp taste and loads of pips in each orange. Why not buy one tree and plant the seeds from the fruit it produces. You could supply miniature orange trees to all your family and friends as unusual presents which will always be well received.

Because miniature orange trees are miniature, they will fit on most windowsills or small tables for decorative purposes and are always visible so that you can see when any care is needed. Your kids or grandkids will love it when they see it and can be encouraged to successfully grow their own miniature orange trees.

Growing things for themselves gives them responsibility and teaches them how to care for something. They may then decide to grow other indoor fruit and vegetables such as lemons, peppers, tomatoes, water cress and bean shoots to name but a few.

The satisfaction of successfully producing and nurturing your own living produce in your own home is very therapeutic and can move you to succeed in other areas.

Like other hobbies and pastimes, there are usually loads of other people already doing whatever you choose to do and that includes growing miniature orange trees at home. The beauty of this is that you can benefit from their years of experience and if things start to go wrong, there will always be someone available to give you the right advice.

For this reason, there will be a blog page added to this site for people to give and receive advice on every aspect of growing and caring for your miniature orange trees, from collecting and germinating orange tree seeds, right through to producing oranges for your on consumtion and/or selling your crops to the appropriate outlets. Simply click on the "Blog" button to the left (when it appears) and get, or give as much advice as you can.